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Put Your Best Face / Facial Forward for Summer!

Summer is here ladies…the flowers are blooming and fresh fruit abounds! Even though we love the sunshine, it’s a very damaging time for our skin. Time to start changing our wardrobes too…put away the boots and leggings and get out the flirty floral dresses, sandals, floppy hats and colorful accessories. Don’t forget your sunglasses! The weather… Read Full Post »

Published on | 6:31 am | by Lavonne Morrill

Overslept? Six beauty tricks to getting ready fast!

The holidays were a blur. We overcommitted to work, office parties, family celebrations, and THEN… there was the shopping, the baking and the decorating!  With the holidays finally over and the chaos behind us, it’s inevitable girls, we might be hitting the snooze button one too many times and waking up a little late!  Here… Read Full Post »

Published on | 2:17 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

A Tan May Be Beautiful, But What Are the Dangers of Tanning

I will agree, having a bronzed look in the summer does look good, but all of that fun in the sun can do a number on our skin.  There is no doubt about it… TANNING=DAMAGE!  But what are some of the dangers of tanning? The symptoms of excessive tanning We’ve had an exceptionally hot summer,… Read Full Post »

Published on | 9:44 pm | by Laura Larrabee

Why Wax in the Winter?

During the summer months, we know waxing is a must for a beautiful, smooth bikini body!  But when the cold winter months hit and we cover up with leggings, boots and tights, do you take a break from your grooming responsibilities?  Of course, if you are used to having your brows and lip waxed, those services will… Read Full Post »

Published on | 4:37 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

To Pluck Or Not To Pluck?

That is the question. But what is the answer? Eyebrows may be about the most important feature on your face, They frame your eyes, which are the first thing that people look at, they give your face a more youthful look when done correctly, and when they look great you feel great. There are some… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:59 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Washing Your Face: Seems Simple Right?

90 percent of us are doing it all wrong. Washing your face is one of the most important features of healthy skin. One might think that all you do is rub a little cleanser on your face. You also might think that this one step covers you and your skin. This is not the case! The… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:45 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Facials: what men should know

Men NEED facials and to use good skin care even more than women for many reasons. Men do not wear sunscreen and suffer from the harsh effects of the environment and sun exposure. Shaving is very abrasive to the skin causing razor burn, breakout and dryness. Men naturally have larger pores and are more oily,… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:35 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

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