Facials: what men should know

Men NEED facials and to use good skin care even more than women for many reasons. Men do not wear sunscreen and suffer from the harsh effects of the environment and sun exposure. Shaving is very abrasive to the skin causing razor burn, breakout and dryness. Men naturally have larger pores and are more oily, resulting in blackheads and clogged pores. And the biggest reason of all…..they don’t even WASH their face!!! Most of my male clients I have asked say that the only time they wash their face is in the shower, if by chance some shampoo should run down on it. Even men who are very fit and health conscious neglect their face.

FacialSo men need facials!!!! Why? Facials deeply cleanse and help to eliminate blocked pores. The use of professional strength products accelerates skin repair and cell renewal. An esthetician can analyze the skin and target the specific needs of each client whether it be acne, aging or dehydration. Chemical peels are also excellent for treating ingrown hairs.

What is different about a men’s facial? Because men’s skin is thicker and oilier than a woman’s, it is necessary to deeply cleanse and incorporate extractions to remove blackheads and congested pores. Since most of men’s skin problems arise from shaving, specific treatments for razor burn, acne and excessive sweating can be utilized to remedy these situations. Plus, it’s RELAXING!!!!!

We suggest as an “at-home” cleansing regimen for men, DermaQuest C-Lipoic Cleanser. This antioxidant-rich cleanser removes dirt and debris while preventing collagen deterioration. Men can also shave with it! An 8-oz. bottle of C-Lipoic Cleanser retails for $37 and is available at Estilo.

We are having a promotion for Men’s Facials through the month of January with our esthetician Debra Marsh. We are offering a 60 minute men’s facial for $75 (save $25) or a facial with a brow shaping for $90 (save $45).  Remember, an Estilo gift card for a facial along with DermaQuest C-Lipoic Cleanser would be a fantastic gift for that special man in your life!

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