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OK ladies, we all know how tedious it is to grow your hair out… it seems like it takes FOREVER!! In a perfect world, we would like to just blink our eyes and have our hair long and luxurious. Did you know we have three certified and very experienced hair extension stylists at Estilo and that you can have longer and thicker hair in a little over an hour? In this article, I’m going to attempt to answer all your questions about how hair extensions work, who can have them and the different effects you can create with hair extensions.

What are some common misconceptions about hair extensions?

They cannot be used for thinning or balding on the top of your head. We only apply extensions from the temples down so that the connection point can be concealed by the hair that falls over the top.

Let’s say you got mad at your boyfriend/husband and cut your hair in a pixie (because he hates short hair)! We cannot attach the hair extension to very short layered hair because then you will look like you have a bad 80’s mullet! The shortest length we can work from would be a layered bob (4″ minimum) that falls a little below the chin.  We would need to soften the baseline and to get a realistic blend and the extension length could only be up to 6″ longer that the lengths we are attaching it to. But as your hair grows, we could add longer extensions.

Besides just having long hair, what are some of the other benefits of having extensions?


1. Creating fullness

If your hair is fragile and seems like it “stops” growing at a certain point, you can “fill in” the length at the bottom and give your hair the appearance of thickness and volume.  If you have fine and thinning areas (for example, the front hairline in front of your ears) and you want a “lob” we could add some extensions in that area to make that area look fuller as shown in the photo below.



2.  Adding volume and texture 

Our extensions have a slight, natural “beachy” wave that blows out easily or can be diffused to enhance the texture.  Great for weddings and that tropical honeymoon afterwards!


Dark Ombre Hair Color-13bright-hair

3.  Adding color 

How about some chemical free highlights? If your hair is dry, damaged or previously color treated, it might not react favorably to another color process. Lighter pieces could be added to achieve a highlighted or an “ombre” effect, darker hair could be added for lowlights or a fun “pop” of bright color! Our extensions also come in funky colors like purple, blue, aqua and pink!



4. Getting through the “awkward” growing out stages 

Your own hair will stay healthy and strong and keep growing while the hair extensions are in, but they can help getting your through the in-between stages of growing out layers and hiding fragile ends.

Who is not a good candidate for extensions?

Water is the enemy of hair extensions and shortens the amount of time they stay adhered.  That being said, someone who washes their hair every day would not be a good candidate. Also, activities such as swimming in chlorinated water, doing hot yoga or using saunas frequently also would not be advisable.  We show you how you can revive your hair from the day before and salvage the style with products such as dry shampoo and shine spray.

What kind of hair extensions do we use?

We use Hot Heads and Babe Hair “tape-in” extensions which come in lengths of 10″ to 22″.  We have found that this system is the least damaging to your own hair, the most natural looking and the quickest to apply. They adhere to your own hair using medical grade tape by “sandwiching” a small sliver of your own hair between the two extensions. They need to be re-positioned every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and the hair can be re-used up to 3 times. They come in every natural hair color you can imagine plus some special effect colors such as ombre combinations and funky colors too!


What is the process of getting extensions like?

First, we have you come in to the salon for a consultation. Together, we can decide on the style, length and color and book your application appointment. We also can answer all the questions you may have. You put a non-refundable 50% deposit down and then we special order your hair which arrives  in 3-5 days. We recommend scheduling a re-positioning appointment after your initial application, so we stay on schedule.

What are some things you wouldn’t think of when getting extensions?

Decide on a color (for your hair and the extensions) that you are going to be satisfied with for the life of the hair, which is approximately 6 months. The extensions cannot be colored, highlighted or chemically treated although your own hair can.  If your own hair needs to be colored prior to the initial extension installation, it should be done 48 hours before. We can touch up your hair in between when we re-position the extensions in 4-8 weeks.

Consult with your extension stylist on the products you use. Products with oil and silicones or heavy conditioners should be avoided as it loosens the adhesive at the bond. Your stylist will recommend products that perform well with extensions. After all, they are an investment!  Take good care of them!

We like to say “You can have 3 years worth of length in an hour!!!” In our fast paced, instant gratification world, that’s pretty amazing….wouldn’t you say??? Call for a consultation appointment with Lavonne, Tina or Jaimee so we can design a long, sexy style for you!

Get the sexy and glamorous “celebrity”  hair you have always wanted and turn heads when you enter a room! Hope to see you soon!


Lavonne copy

Stay bright as the summer sun and thanks for reading!


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