Holiday Hairstyles 101: How to do a Side Bun

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I know you will be going to a lot of holiday gatherings this season, sometimes running from work to the party in a rush… so how can you take your hair from daytime to glamorous in a few minutes? This short beauty tutorial is about how to do a messy side bun. They always look great because they are a bit disheveled, but stylish enough to be paired with a beautiful dress for a more formal evening. To really amp up the glam, add a sparkly headband, some embellished hairpins or a shot of glitter hairspray (we have a really good one by Style Edit at Estilo).


9 Steps to the Perfect Side Bun

  1. Don’t freshly shampoo because it makes your hair too slick and slippery.  Day-old hair stays up so much better.
  2. Use dry shampoo (we recommend TIGI Oh Bee Hive or Bumble and bumble Dry Spun Finish) to create texture.  It refreshes your “day-old” hair and soaks up any oil at your scalp.  If you want it bigger, after applying dry shampoo, backcomb or back brush your hair so it gets enormous!
  3. If your hair is straight, set it in hot rollers or curl it with a curling iron for volume and a more “dressy” finish.  I know it takes time…but that’s why this is “special event” hair…you only do it once in awhile!
  4. After backcombing or back brushing, start smoothing your hair with a soft brush and pull it over to one side.  You should always do this style with a side part and the bun goes on the opposite side of the part.  Secure with an elastic band.
  5. Backcomb the ponytail a bit to give it volume and so the pins (that’s the next step) will grip.
  6. Wrap it in a loose bun and secure with bobby pins (make sure they are pins that match your hair color).  It doesn’t matter if there are a few stray hairs…that makes it look modern!
  7. Spray with a flexible hairspray to hold the style.
  8. Use a large curling iron to curl pieces around your face.
  9. To finish, spray with a firm hold hairspray with shine (we like TIGI Masterpiece) so you can dance all night!

I will be posting more blogs on other holiday hairstyles how-to’s, so keep an eye out for them!

Look and feel beautiful during the holidays (amidst all the chaos!!!)

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