Last Minute Holiday Gathering?

Well, the holidays are coming quickly and who knows…at the last minute, you may be asked to attend a Christmas gathering, a pre-New Year’s party or holiday happy hour with friends or co-workers. No time to go home to change or freshen up? Here are some ideas to transform your look from the office to holiday dazzle!

  1. Style Edit Glitter Rush Temporary Glitter Spray: I mean, other than Christmas and New Year, when can you wear glitter in your hair? This ultra fine spray is not like the craft glitter you use in your children’s art projects. It just gives you the most subtle hint of fine multi-colored glitter to make your hair sparkle! $22
    glitterrush glitterhair1
  2. A quick updo for the party: For you girls with long hair, loosely curling your hair with a curling wand and pinning it at the nape in a messy, unstructured bun is an easy up-style to wear for an event. Mix in a braid or two along your hairline for a bit of a bohemian look. For those of you with shorter hair, pull back one side with a decorative barrette. Don’t have a barrette? You can use bobby pins (they come in silver and gold)! Put them in a row (the more the better) or cross them for an edgy look. You can also take a flat ornament (I like glittery snowflakes) and attach it to a headband or a clip and make your own sparkly holiday accessory.
    updobarrette updobobby messybun updoheadband
  3. A red/burgundy lip: What a perfect time of year to wear a rich tone on your lips! The key here is to wear a red shade that complements your skin tone. Nothing says glamour more than a sophisticated red lip. We like Jane Iredale Pure Moist Lipstick in Karen (a cool cranberry red), Ann (a classic red with blue undertones) and Margi (a warm brick red). We also LOVE Jane Iredale Playon Lip Crayon in Hot (vibrant classic red). Remember, if your skin tone is cool or pinkish, wear a warmer shade of red. If your skin tone is golden or olive, a cool blue based hue is perfect for you. Don’t forget a matching lip liner to outline and fill in your lips so everything stays in place!
    images-7 janeredlip redlip
  4. Add a piece of Statement Jewelry: What better way to take your outfit from day to night than putting on a bold bejeweled necklace, long dangly earrings that reflect the light or an armful or sparkly bracelets! Nothing says “holiday” more than decorating yourself in sparkle and shine! We have a good selection here at Estilo for you to wear or to give as a gift.
  5. A Velvet Jacket: Velvet is on point right now and what a perfect time of year to wear it. I especially like tones of navy blue and wine to really make your daytime outfit really fancy! With Spring 2017 right around the corner, this is the time to rock this trend that is so popular for the season! I  noticed when I was in Willows recently, that they were carrying some holiday pieces in velvet.
    velvet1 velvet
  6. There are two keys to these suggestions…first, DON’T do ALL of them! Just pick a couple, like putting your hair up in a messy bun and wearing a fabulous pair of long earrings finished off with a red lip. If you did them all, you would risk looking a little overdone like your crazy Aunt Gertrude! The other piece of advice, is that you have to pack a little bag with a few of the necessary items to make this happen such as a hair ornament, lipstick, a statement piece of jewelry and a holiday item to wear like a velvet jacket, sequined top or a flowy blouse. Like the Boy Scouts motto,  always be prepared! You never know when you will be asked to attend an event at the last minute! Hopefully, you get that invitation. That is what makes the holidays so special…celebrating the season with friends, family and co-workers.

Have a blessed holiday season and a safe and happy New Year! I’ll see you next year!

Be bold, shiny and sparkly!

Lavonne Morril


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