Mens Hairstyles Make Waves at the Olympics

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely summer! Did you watch the Rio Olympics? I really enjoyed the swimming and diving and I’ll admit it…I really noticed the mens hairstyles during those events. Yes, they have incredibly beautiful, chiseled (and hairless) bodies that show every ripple and muscle, but what I have also noticed was their haircuts. No really! I’ve even noticed that they style their hair when they know they are going to be on camera and have just come out of the pool. How easy is that? A hairstyle that stays in place after plunging many feet into the water or swimming to a new personal record. Fantastic!

Mens Hairstyles are Making a Comeback

Men’s grooming, and barbering have been gaining popularity for quite sometime now. Many styles have come from the sport of football (or soccer as we call it here in the States). Styles such as the “man-bun” have become extremely popular, although I’m personally glad to see that one coming to an end. Another trend was the barbered pompadour haircuts with the long “hipster beard. Grizzly Adams can have his beard back…YUCK! I’m not much of a fan of that wooly, mountain man look paired with a rockabilly coif.

But what I am noticing is the haircuts on the Olympic athletes which are clipper cut very close on the sides, a deep side part and  the top section a little longer. Quite often you see them with a “hard part” which is a part that is gently clippered in so that it is very distinct and a very important component of the cut.

mendiving1   men3 Troy Dumais and Kristian Ipsen watch their dive during the synchronized men's 3-meter springboard final at the U.S. Olympic diving trials Wednesday, June 22, 2016, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)      Men's swimming      summer-haircut-1x1

What’s Old is New Again

These cuts are a breeze to style day-to-day without any need for blowdrying. Just use a flexible grooming creme (not gel…you want flexibility) and a dollop of paste for hold and texture, or a little pomade for a shine. Interestingly, these cuts are reminiscent of the wonderful, dapper styles of the 1940’s.

mens hairstyles today are reminiscent of the 1940's      men40      mens hairstyles today are reminiscent of the 40's

I’m glad to mention mens hairstyles in my blog because let’s face it…guys are really getting into their styles. Which means they are paying more attention to hair fashion and trends (thankfully). To meet the growing demand, there are a growing number of product lines devoted entirely to men’s grooming (we especially like TIGI Bedhead for Men). Part of being a full service hair salon is that we have several stylists at Estilo that specialize in barbering and men’s grooming. You can call for an appointment and the front desk will direct you to the proper stylist, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Oh, and come on ladies. If your guy has been wearing the same hairstyle since the 90’s it’s time to bring him current. Perhaps he could try out one of these stylish cuts? You never know. They’re perfect for the remainder of the summer…and beyond!  In the meantime, GO USA!!!!! Have a wonderful rest of the summer and I’ll see you next time!

Thanks for reading!

Be bold, bright and beautiful!

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