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Holiday Hairstyles 101: The Glamorous Great Gatsby Bob

A Gatsby Bob for the holidays? What a cool idea!!!  Everybody will notice you when you wear this elegant hairstyle into a holiday gathering!  The best part is that you don’t even have to get your hair cut to have this roarin’ 20’s bob. The Gatsby hairstyle will naturally look shorter, and that look will turn heads! There’s… Read Full Post »

Published on | 1:42 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Holiday Hairstyles 101: How to do a Side Bun

I know you will be going to a lot of holiday gatherings this season, sometimes running from work to the party in a rush… so how can you take your hair from daytime to glamorous in a few minutes? This short beauty tutorial is about how to do a messy side bun. They always look great… Read Full Post »

Published on | 10:14 am | by Lavonne Morrill

A Tan May Be Beautiful, But What Are the Dangers of Tanning

I will agree, having a bronzed look in the summer does look good, but all of that fun in the sun can do a number on our skin.  There is no doubt about it… TANNING=DAMAGE!  But what are some of the dangers of tanning? The symptoms of excessive tanning We’ve had an exceptionally hot summer,… Read Full Post »

Published on | 9:44 pm | by Laura Larrabee

Purples Reign in Hair Styles, Makeup and Fashion

Well, fall is soon upon us (didn’t we just say summer is finally here?) and even though it seems like it shouldn’t be time yet, I look forward to cuddling up in soft wooly sweaters, warm coats and boots.  I love the change of season and of course, it makes me want to go shopping!… Read Full Post »

Published on | 8:03 am | by Lavonne Morrill

Humidity=FRIZZ!!!!! How to have smooth, frizz-free hair anytime…

When the dew point is high, frizzy hair is inevitable.  I have fine hair with very little natural texture and even my hair has been frizzy recently in the humid weather we have been having in the Pacific Northwest.  You should have seen my hair on a recent trip to New York City!  Now I… Read Full Post »

Published on | 7:58 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Trying to grow your hair out?

Growing your hair longer is like watching paint dry.  It takes a long time and you feel like you don’t see results as soon as you would like.  Perhaps you have fine hair that just doesn’t get long.  Or when your hair gets long, it looks stringy and see-through. Ever wonder why celebrities like Reese… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:33 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

The Power Manicure

We participated in a charity fashion event last fall where we did complimentary gel or “light-cured” manicures.  To my amazement, many of the women there had never had them…some had never even heard of them!  So with the active spring and summer seasons upon us, I thought I would write an article on why you… Read Full Post »

Published on | 11:34 am | by Lavonne Morrill

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