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Gone Are The Days of the Ponytail

Becky Nelson, mother of 5 with a newborn at home contacted us for a makeover saying that she felt tired, frumpy, un-kept and un-stylish. Becky was the perfect makeover candidate because she said “Do WHATEVER you want!!!” She is a little daring with her style and says “It’s hair. It grows back” She also feels… Read Full Post »

Published on | 6:05 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Heads Up!

Happy April everyone! The year already feels like it is going too fast! It’s been 3 months since most of us made our New Year’s resolutions, making statements such as “I want to eat better”, “I will stop smoking” or “I want to start exercising”. Unfortunately, this general phrasing and lack of direction results in… Read Full Post »

Published on | 6:03 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

To Pluck Or Not To Pluck?

That is the question. But what is the answer? Eyebrows may be about the most important feature on your face, They frame your eyes, which are the first thing that people look at, they give your face a more youthful look when done correctly, and when they look great you feel great. There are some… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:59 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

A New Do, A New You: Sherri Gets A Makeover

Sherri was getting ready to celebrate a landmark birthday (our lips are sealed) and before going out with her friends, stopped by Estilo and said “give me a new look.” We turned her over to our capable team of professionals to do their magic. Color specialist Alyssa Long was first and brightened and warmed Sherri’s… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:49 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff

Introducing Naked Bee Products, a natural personal care line that is high quality and affordable. Made in the U.S. and started in 1991, Naked Bee is a line that is good for you and unpretentious. The GOOD stuff: 70% organic skin conditioning lotion and moisturizer, triple milled oatmeal soap with saponified beeswax and guar gum,… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:47 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Washing Your Face: Seems Simple Right?

90 percent of us are doing it all wrong. Washing your face is one of the most important features of healthy skin. One might think that all you do is rub a little cleanser on your face. You also might think that this one step covers you and your skin. This is not the case! The… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:45 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Transform Yourself From Day to Night

Ever find yourself working late but you have a mid-week holiday party to attend? No time to go home and change? Let me tell you the 5 things you will need to bring to work to get yourself ready for the party in 5 minutes. Oh, and before we list the items, make sure you… Read Full Post »

Published on | 5:42 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

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