Six Steps to Perfect Smokey Eyes

For those of you who know me, know I adore dark eye shadow and a smokey eye! Smokey eyeshadow that is…but why is it such a mystery on how to apply your eyeshadow to get the effect? I swear, a smokey eye is the enigma of all makeup techniques but so essential for the holidays or any special event! Smoldering, smokey eyes are so sexy for parties and done well, can even work for a casual family dinner or gathering. In this article, I am going shed some light on how to accomplish smokey eyes for yourself.


I absolutely LOVE smokey eyes! So pretty and expressive!

Achieving the look of smokey eyes

  1. The absolutely ESSENTIAL tool for doing a smokey eye are Q-Tips (I could not live without them!!!!) to clean up any “fall out”, that is eyeshadow that might fall onto your under eye or cheekbones. We don’t need any more dark circles…we already have enough at this time of year!  The other tool is a couple of fluffy CLEAN (I cannot emphasize this enough!) eyeshadow brushes for blending it all together. Make sure you keep them separate so you know which ones are not full of eyeshadow…that could be a mess!
  2. One tip on cleaning up eye shadow that drops below your eye when applying…use a Q-Tip and dip it into your foundation and roll it underneath your eye, picking up all the dark shadow as you go.
  3. You can’t have dark without light, so sweep a light shadow all over your lid and into your crease. Don’t forget to highlight under your brow with a lighter shadow to contour. Use shiny or glittery shadow if you want,  however, a matte shadow will also work, especially for more mature eyelids.  Next, brush a medium taupe, grey or beige into your crease and slightly above using a “windshield wiper” motion. Think back and forth following the curve of your eyelid. Check for your placement by opening your eye to make sure that you have applied it high enough so it creates a shadow.
  4. Speaking of “dark” shadow…you don’t have to use black to do a smokey eye. As a matter of fact you probably shouldn’t use black (I have a dark complexion and I don’t even use black). You can use a darker, saturated tone such as copper, brown, navy , grey, charcoal or violet to create a smokey look. Chose whatever color you are comfortable with and brush this onto the “globe” of your eye which is the eyelid. Blend up into your crease color. Using a smudge brush, smudge a lighter version of the lid color under your eyes. This is going to give you a sexy, smokey look! Another tip when applying dark shadow, always tap your brush to get rid of excess shadow before applying.
  5. Of course you need to use eyeliner and mascara! Use a eyeliner pencil or liquid liner in black to draw a dramatic line on your eyelid. For extra drama, you can also line the “water line” of your eye (this is the part of your eyelid BELOW your lashes). Use a soft black pencil to do this. For mascara, apply several coats getting as close to the root of the lash as possible. If you really want to have your eye pop, put on false eyelashes (this might be a look for an formal evening event or a New Year’s Eve party)!
  6. For an extra smokey effect, use a black eyeshadow (tap the excess off your brush first!) and apply in a C shape right at the outer corner of each eye. Use your clean brush to blend.

There you have it! You have the smokey eye you have always wanted and I bet you will get lots of compliments on how stunning your makeup looks. Don’t forget that you need perfectly groomed eyebrows for this look, a soft natural blush shade and nude color of lipstick or lip gloss so that the  focus is on the eyes. Some could wear a brighter shade of lipstick but I think it looks better to have a nude lip with lots of shine! If you are unsure of a nude color to buy in lipstick, choose one that is similar to the color of the inside of your lip. But nude lipstick? That is another article!

Hope these suggestions were helpful but if you need further assistance in applying your makeup or achieving the perfect smokey eye for you, call us or contact us at Estilo and schedule time with one of our beauty experts who can help you in choosing the proper shades and show you how to do it yourself.

Happy Holidays to all! This is the time of year to really SHINE!!!!!

Thank you for reading!

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