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5 Spring Tips to Help You do Your Thing!

Spring is once again almost upon us, and ladies, it’s time to get ready to embrace that sunshine. This month we’ve got 5 spring tips to help usher in the new season.

Published on | 2:17 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! A Do and Don’t Guide…

Spring is almost here and change is in the air!  If I were to say the word “red” what would you think of?  How about the word “layers” “blonder” or “short”?   These are a few descriptive terms  often used when consulting about your hair.  The stylist and client may have completely different ideas about… Read Full Post »

Published on | 2:49 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

The Science Behind Beautiful Skin

Ever heard the saying “better living through chemistry”?  I’m talking skincare products and treatments here.   Let’s face it ladies…sometimes we need  to use the latest technologies and high-performance products to get the results we want.  Some skincare companies would like you to believe they went out into a field, picked some plants and flowers… Read Full Post »

Published on | 1:38 am | by Lavonne Morrill

Ponytails are NOT a hairstyle!

I recently had a client ask me to cut her hair so she could put her hair in a ponytail.  Fair enough.  Ponytails are functional and versatile.  Then she showed me where she wanted the ponytail to be on her head.  Right on the top…think “I Dream of Jeannie” top knot.  It occurred to me… Read Full Post »

Published on | 11:56 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Welcome to my blog…Style by Estilo!

Hello Everyone!!! Thank you for following my new endeavor….a blog!!! This blog is going to replace the monthly emagazine, Style, that we have been publishing for the past year and a half at Estilo.  I will be letting you in on the latest events and promotions at the salon, the latest collections in hair and… Read Full Post »

Published on | 8:15 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

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Estilo is a full service hair salon based in Vancouver, WA. The word Estilo is Spanish for “style”, and our team of talented and experienced beauty professionals are ready to consult with you to discover your unique style. We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to seeing you! read more >>

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