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Celebrity Style Horoscope for Aquarius

There are lots of cute boys born under the sign of Aquarius… One Direction’s Harry Styles, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, and actor Taylor Lautner.  But wait a minute, this is a style and fashion blog and as great as they are to look at, let’s face it girls, a guy can throw on a tee… Read Full Post »

Published on | 8:41 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Holiday Hairstyles 101: The Glamorous Great Gatsby Bob

A Gatsby Bob for the holidays? What a cool idea!!!  Everybody will notice you when you wear this elegant hairstyle into a holiday gathering!  The best part is that you don’t even have to get your hair cut to have this roarin’ 20’s bob. The Gatsby hairstyle will naturally look shorter, and that look will turn heads! There’s… Read Full Post »

Published on | 1:42 pm | by Lavonne Morrill

Holiday Hairstyles 101: How to do a Side Bun

I know you will be going to a lot of holiday gatherings this season, sometimes running from work to the party in a rush… so how can you take your hair from daytime to glamorous in a few minutes? This short beauty tutorial is about how to do a messy side bun. They always look great… Read Full Post »

Published on | 10:14 am | by Lavonne Morrill

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