Trying to grow your hair out?

Growing your hair longer is like watching paint dry.  It takes a long time and you feel like you don’t see results as soon as you would like.  Perhaps you have fine hair that just doesn’t get long.  Or when your hair gets long, it looks stringy and see-through. Ever wonder why celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Diana Keaton or Penelope Cruz have such thick and luxurious locks?  The answer very simply is HAIR EXTENSIONS!  We do several types of them at Estilo.  Let me educate you about them…

I once read a Hollywood hairstylist’s blog stating that he could more easily count the celebrities who DON’T have hair extensions than naming the ones who do.  Whenever Jennifer Aniston gets a short haircut, it is rumored that she took her extensions out.  YES, you read that right!   Jennifer Aniston’s “do” (the hair that many women wish they had) was not her hair!!!!  Well, she BOUGHT it  and it was applied by an extensions professional.

At Estilo, we primarily use a tape-in system called Hot Heads, 100% human hair offered in many lengths and colors.  Their mantra?  No heat, no tools, no damage.  We have found that this product is the most gentle and damage free system currently being offered.  You literally can have 2-4 years of growth or 12″ to 24″ of length applied to your hair in an hour!  Hot Heads allows you to re-use the hair up to 3 times by re-positioning it back towards the scalp after 6-8 weeks of growth.  We also do keratin bonded extension called Great Lengths, that will last for 5-6 months.  The hair is not re-useable and the installation takes up to 6 hours.

A “before” and “after” using Hot Heads extensions:



Some hints on how to make hair extensions last longer?

1.  Don’t wash your hair everyday.  Ideally, twice a week is recommended.  Your stylist will show you how to use dry shampoo and alternate styling techniques to stretch your style for 3 days without shampooing.

2.  Choose a hair color (and the corresponding extension color) that you will be happy with for 5-6 months.  The extensions cannot be colored without damaging them.

3.  When using heat tools such as curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers, be sure to not get the heat close to the attachment point.  This will weaken the adhesion and they may loosen or come out.

4.  Don’t participate in sports or activities where extreme sweating or water is involved.  Moisture is a BAD thing for hair extensions.  Sports such as bikram yoga, swimming laps and activities such as saunas are not recommended.

Another “before” and “after”…remarkable huh?


Hair extensions can be used to create highlights and ombre color effects as well as enhancing the shape of your cut with some strategically placed pieces of color.  Or try a fun “pop” of color without the damaging effects of bleaching…no fadeage too!  Hot Heads come in a variety of bright colors such as teal, pink and purple along with the natural shades.

If this sounds intriguing to you and you would like to explore it further, call for a complimentary extension consultation and our specialists can talk more in detail about the type of extensions that are best for you, cost and your desired style.

Let your locks blow in the wind….no one has to know it’s HYB (hair you bought)!!!!!

Thanks for reading and be bright and beautiful!

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