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Hello Everyone!!!

Thank you for following my new endeavor….a blog!!!

This blog is going to replace the monthly emagazine, Style, that we have been publishing for the past year and a half at Estilo.  I will be letting you in on the latest events and promotions at the salon, the latest collections in hair and cosmetics, how-to’s, tutorials, tips and tricks for makeup and hairstyling, fashion trends, product focus, head to toe beauty and everything in-between!  I will also be doing special posts like “Meet the Stylist”,  “What’s In Your Bag?” and having guest bloggers posting articles as well.

Now, instead of having a monthly focus on what’s going on at Estilo and the world of fashion and beauty,  we can be more relevant and specific depending on the season.  So I will be blogging two to three times a week to keep you up to date!

A special thanks to Kayleen Vail, my marketing assistant for the summer for suggesting doing this!  I really appreciate your fresh insights and technical ability!

So, thanks for following me and reading my blog!  Follow Estilo on Facebook, our website and our newly developed Pinterest boards!

Be Beautiful Every Day of your Life!


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“Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  Fashion is over quickly.  Style is forever.”

                                             -Ralph Lauren

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