Hair Color

Here at Estilo, we have some of the most trained and experienced hair color experts in the area. Several of them train professionals as well as students on the technical aspects and artistry of TIGI Copyright Colour, the brand of hair color that we exclusively use.

Color gives life to a haircut, defines movement and creates richness and healthy shine. It takes a highly trained colorist with a very experienced eye to guide a client into making correct color choices. How do you want your color to look? Lighter? Darker? Add highlights or lowlights? Cover or blend grey? Or just enhance your current color with subtle tones?

Hair Color Service

Hair Color

Finding out about your personal image, lifestyle and how you want to maintain your hair color are important questions to be covered in the consultation phase of your appointment.

Whether you are looking for a complete color change, freshen your existing color or to “camouflage” gray hair, protecting the condition and integrity of your hair is vitally important to us.

Ongoing education gives our hair color specialists precise technical knowledge combined with creative freedom so we can give you a customized look no matter what the season. Corrective color and creative color placements are our specialty.

Besides color, other chemical treatments we offer are Keratin Smoothing treatments for clients with frizzy, unruly curls, so you can put down the flat iron and have smooth, humidity-resistant hair without the extra work. We also offer perms and relaxers which requires a consultation with the technician prior booking the appointment.

A world without hair color would be a very dull and dreary place, don’t you think?

Hair Color Price
Color Tint Start at $65
Color Change Start at $75
Partial Highlight/Full Highlight Start at $95/$120
Tint with Partial Highlight Start at $120
Tint with Full Highlight Start at $140

If you have any additional questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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