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Haircuts & Hair Styling

Our team of talented and award-winning hair stylists are ready to create the unique hairstyle that defines you. We use, and retail, TIGI and Bumble and bumble as our main professional lines, while our colorists use TIGI Copyright Color. The price variations in our hair salon services reflect the stylists’ educational history and years in the industry.

Going to a party, business meeting, photography session or a wedding? We have stylists who love to do “special event” styling. So if you want to look “red-carpet” ready for your next big event, we can get you ready!

Hair cutting at Estilo
$45 - $80

Men and Women's Haircuts & Hair Styling

Communication is so important to us. Before shampooing, we always start with a consultation just to check in and find out if any adjustments need to be made from the previous cut…or perhaps you are considering a new style? We want to find out what you are thinking and exchange ideas in order to come up with the perfect look for you. We also want to examine the condition of your hair so we can use and recommend the appropriate wash and care products for you. We exclusively use TIGI and Bumble and bumble products.

Whether you want the latest collection off the runway, an edgy street look or a classic, timeless style, we can give you a precision cut coupled with soft “personalizing” techniques that make the haircut ideally suited to you. We are constantly educating ourselves in the latest haircutting artistry to be the best and most proficient at our craft.

Lastly, we will always help you to replicate your look between appointments by teaching you how to style your hair and showing you the proper tools and styling products to use.

Haircuts & Hair Styling Price
Women (Cuts include consultation, cleansing, conditioning and finishing) $50-$80
Men (Cuts include consultation, cleansing, conditioning and finishing) $45-$60
Children (up to 12 years) $45-$60
TIGI Hair Reborn Treatments Start at $35
Blow Dry Styling (price will vary based on length of hair and tools used) Start at $35
Keratin Smoothing Express Blow Out (6 week treatment) Start at $175
Keratin Smoothing Treatment (3-4 month treatment) Start at $300
Great Lengths and Hot Heads Extensions Services (price quoted after consultation)
Perms and Relaxing (price quoted after consultation)
Wedding and Special Event Styling (price quoted after consulting)

If you have any additional questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

About Us

Estilo is a full service hair salon based in Vancouver, WA. The word Estilo is Spanish for “style”, and our team of talented and experienced beauty professionals are ready to consult with you to discover your unique style. We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to seeing you! read more >>

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