Manicure, Pedicure & Nail Services

A manicure and pedicure are becoming essential to our individual style. Your nails are one of your most important accessories! Gone are the days of just a few acceptable nail colors (think red and pink), the basic French Manicure or the same color on all 10 nails. Today, anything goes!

Colors that have been dominant in fashion are now seen on fingertips and toes such as turquoise, aqua, mint green, yellow, mandarin orange and peach. Special effects nail art such as stripes, polka dots, mood polish, glitter and stamped images make a statement for everyone to see!

Whether you are a professional, student or stay at home parent, the choices are endless! Match your nail color to your toenail color, coordinate the shades or completely clash the two…nails have clearly become fashion’s hottest canvas!

Guys, we haven’t forgotten you…we can do your manicures and pedicures too!

Manicure Mel Nailcare


Get a “power” manicure that leaves your nails shiny and vibrant for two to three weeks without chipping. We use O.P.I., Shellac, Gelish and Essie Gel Polish, voted top brands by both clients and professionals.

Our nail technician, Melisa, specializes in acrylic enhancements and overlays and the greatest new invention for nail polish. We use light-cured gel polish that lasts for 2-3 weeks without chipping or getting dull. With gel polish, gentle professional removal is required to avoid damage to the nail itself.

Foot Massage


For your toes, relax in our massaging pedicure chairs with a beverage, soak your feet in a luxurious foot bath, received a scrub and leg massage while your toenails are reshaped and callouses smoothed. We recommend gel polish for your toes so you can put your shoes back on without smudging!

Nail Services Price
Manicure (Gel) $30
Manicure (Polish) $20
Acrylic (Full Set) $60
Acrylic Fill $40
Basic Pedicure (No Frills Pedicure 45 mins-1 hr) $40
Deluxe Pedicure (Scrub, Longer Massage, and Paraffin Wax Treatment) $55

If you have any additional questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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